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Education in Germany

The European Universities provide one of the best education in the world along with high-level academic programs and professors known worldwide. While studying in Europe, you have an opportunity to travel at low costs, learn foreign languages, acquaint with different cultures and traditions, and a degree diploma of the European university allows you to get a job offer and stay in the beloved country for good. The educational agency StudySo, as an expert in educational services, will help you to get enrolled in the best universities of Europe, direct you to your way of successes and make your dreams come true. 


Why should you apply to one of the German universities?

Getting a higher education in Germany gives you an opportunity to become a world-class expert in the chosen area and get a prestigious job in a foreign company. At the same time, the tuition fee for Ukrainian students doesn’t differ much from the one in our home country.

The Advantages of German education

If you want to graduate from the university in Germany or get a second education, you will get at your disposal:
• Qualified teaching staff, which was carefully selected and well established in the scientific community.
• Top academic programs. Mastering any program will give you the necessary knowledge in the chosen field and broaden your horizons thanks to additional subjects.
• Modern technology and laboratory resources, the high price of which does not allow their implementing to the learning process in our home country yet.
• Perspective opportunities for internship, which is necessary for graduating from any university in Germany. In addition, all universities cooperate with well-known companies. The last mentioned ones are interested in skillful workers, and after a successful internship often offer a profitable business agreement.
• All kinds of cultural activities of student life. Education in Germany allows you to fully reveal your creativity and take part in public life, showing your outstanding personal qualities.

In order to make studying in Germany for foreigners more productive, StudySo agency informs about possible prospects in advance and helps determine the choice of higher educational establishment.

Your comfort and safety is our responsibility
Education in Germany involves a change of the residence place.  We offer only proven services to rent an apartment or a room in a student dormitory and make the price and the criteria acceptable for foreigners. Our experts check the agreement and choose from the best options for our clients.

If you are worried of being troubled with daily studying arrangement peculiarities in Germany, the agency’s staff will pick a qualified guide. He will meet you upon arrival, will help register at the university and will show the city, he will assist you in applying for getting a residence permit in the country. The cost of such a support is fully paid off. The system of higher education in Germany a bit differs from the one you are accustomed to in your country. The guide’s advice will help you integrate easier into the new environment.

We help the students, who live and study in Germany, apply for insurance in order to get provided with a qualified help in the medical center in case of need. In addition, we suggest support by phone. You can dial a provided number at any time and day of the week to solve the problem

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