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  • The Tuition Fee for non-EU citizens without legal address in Switzerland or Lichtenstein is:
    Bachelor and master degrees – CHF 644 per semester
    PhD – CHF 1 232 per semester
    The language of instruction: German
    The beginning of the academic year: September 14th (fall semester), the end of February (spring semester)


Higher Technical School of Zurich

Тип: national

Год основания: 1855

Расположение: Zurich, Switzerland

Сайт: www.ethz.ch

In 1854, young confederate Switzerland had a long debate on the issue of reasonability to develop the federal higher education alongside the already existing cantonal one. As a result, on February 7th of the same year the law "About the Federal Polytechnic Education with the aim of studying exact, polytechnic sciences and humanities" was approved and modern ETH has started to operate from 16, October 1855 in the city of Zurich.

It was decided to locate the new educational institution in a new building. To do this the canton and the city of Zurich has announced an architectural competition, which was won by the German architect Gottfried Semper. The building was constructed according to Gottfried Semper’s design in 1858-1864, and since then, ETH in Zurich has become a driving force of the Swiss industry, whose innovative products and services are in demand worldwide.

Today, ETHZ offers studying on the 5 faculties:
Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Faculty of System-oriented Natural Science
Faculty of Management and Social Sciences

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